Empowering building owners to give back


We spend 95% of our time indoors                                     

Nothing impacts our bodies and minds more than the built environment that surrounds us.

Studio St.Germain’s High Performance Program blends building science and smart-design principles to reduce your energy consumption and achieve your sustainability goals within your budget.

An easier way to do the right thing

New design and building techniques are making it simpler and less expensive than ever to design and build high performance buildings.

As an owner interested in sustainability, you need to get up to speed quickly to reduce energy usage and improve environmental factors in your new projects.

Better building performance...within your budget

The High Performance Program at Studio St.Germain guides you through a step-by-step process that quickly and easily assesses your Environmental Performance Quotient (EPQ) to help you get clarity on your building goals.

Based on your unique EPQ, Studio St.Germain generates a personalized Performance Plan just for you. Using your goals, interests, and budget, this plan matches you with the right sustainability programs and choices. It’s a simple roadmap that gives you the maximum building performance within the budget and scope of each of your projects.

Sustainability is the new success

Studio St.Germain’s High Performance Program can show you how to decrease your project’s energy usage by as much as 75%.

Your projects will be more successful even as they positively impact your community and the lives of the people who use your buildings. Contact us to find out if the High Performance Program is a good fit for your project.