Margaretville Park Pavillion

The 2007 Parsons Design Workshop was challenged to design and construct a 6,000 square-foot park pavilion for a village of 650 people located in the Catskill Mountains. It was designed to meet everyday needs of the community, as well as special events. It was critical to address the frequent flooding of the site from the adjacent river. Roof trusses and minimal columns allow for flexible arrangement of space while keeping most of the structure above flood waters. Both natural and electrical light were considerations as the previous park pavilion had a very dark interior. The roof is offset along its central ridge to allow ambient northern light into the interior. Skylights are provided and a lighting scheme was developed along the central spine. In addition, the scheme featured a central organizing tower, an elevated deck providing views of the river, a 'loggia' that transitions from the north field, an enclosure with folding and sliding doors, and a separate barbeque pavilion.