Nathan St.Germain,RA,CPHC,RESET™AP

An award-winning architect specializing in high-performance building design, Nathan St.Germain is a champion of sustainable building and a pioneer of smart building in the greater Pittsburgh metro area. As the Founder & Principal of Studio St.Germain, he serves commercial, NGO, and residential clients from across the country who come to him for forward-thinking, environmentally-intelligent design.

Originally from Rhode Island, Nathan received his architecture degree from the New Jersey Institute Technology and spent the first half of his career practicing in New York City. While there, he continued to study and develop his knowledge of high-performance building science, where he found his calling.

Relocating to Pittsburgh  in 2012, Nathan founded Studio St.Germain based on the philosophy of “Building to Give Back”. As one of the region’s first Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC), Nathan puts his passionate environmental beliefs into practice by designing buildings that “give back” to their communities in the form of extreme energy efficiency and improved air quality. By integrating productivity-enhancing ambient features such as lighting, temperature, and acoustics, he creates built environments that improve the health and wellness of the people who occupy them.

Nathan is a licensed architect in Pennsylvania and New York and is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) and a RESET Accredited Professional. His work has been recognized in numerous publications and has won multiple design and building awards, including a Gold Award - Green Built Category (National Association of Home Builders), a Gold Nugget Silver Award (Pacific Coast Builders Conference), Green Home of the Year (Denver MAME Awards), and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Renovation Inspiration Contest (Commercial Category). He has been invited to participate in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Program and is a contributor to the City of Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan. 

Nathan is an active volunteer in his local community where he serves as Chairman of the Sewickley Planning Commission. He also co-founded and sits on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Passive House Western Pennsylvania (PHWPA).