Explore Sewickley

This project, for the non-profit organization Explore Sewickley, is a complete renovation to what was previously a Dollar Bank located on Beaver Street in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. On the exterior, the bank’s ATM location was transformed into a display window where passersby can view information about upcoming local events. Additionally, new paint and signage give the building a refined modern aesthetic. A new installation in the vestibule showcases brochures and information about local businesses, attractions and events. The interior’s main space was transformed by exposing the wood roof framing, dramatically increasing the height of the space. The ceiling also features exposed ductwork and pendant light fixtures, creating a contemporary, loft-like character. New wood flooring throughout and exposed brick accents enhance this quality. To support Explore Sewickley’s mission, a large common area in the front of the building provides ample space for public events, discussions on local issues, or educational sessions for local businesses. Open offices and an integrated kitchen located in the back of the space augment these functions. This project provides Explore Sewickley the opportunity to represent the town as a vital social, commercial, and cultural destination within the greater Pittsburgh area. 

photography: jason snyder