Brake House Loft

The objective of this project was to convert a vacant rental loft into a unique, modern living space. Tenants often face design challenges from common limitations such as working with existing furniture pieces, inability to construct or demolish partitions, or restrictions to painting walls.  In this space the challenge was addressed by taking design inspiration from the exposed wood beams, tall ceilings, exposed brick, and natural light from large windows. The furniture and décor that went into the loft were mostly existing pieces from low to mid-range manufacturers, while incorporating just a few high-end pieces such as artwork by Seth Clark (a local Pittsburgh artist) and a George Nelson light fixture.

One notable aspect of the project was a custom office desk. The desk was designed using affordable off-the-shelf IKEA pieces transformed into a flexible kit of parts. These parts provide a large span under the desk for ample leg room and storage, ability to be arranged in various linear or L-shape configurations, and can cleverly disguise or accentuate office equipment such as printers, scanners, and CPU's.




photography: kelly carter