Blowin in the Wind


There have been many innovative technologies developed to harness the power of wind. Moya Power is a new material that captures small amounts of wind to create energy. This new energy-generating system is being developed by Charlotte Slingsby at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. The semi-transparent sheet material is light, flexible, and low-cost. The sheets are made with thin strands of bendable plastic filaments that move by passing currents of air. The filaments generate energy by the use of the piezoeletric effect, which is the ability for a material to generate a charge in response to pressure. That kinetic energy is transferred to a capacitor and then to a battery where it is stored. 

Another unique element to Moya Power is the variety of potential applications. Architecturally, it could wrap around new or existing building facades, line existing structures that are exposed to large amounts of natural wind likes bridges, or be used in areas that are susceptible to man-made wind such as subway tunnels.